Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Selecting Magic Kits and Tricks during the Holidays

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when browsing around for gifts these holidays. Magic Hut has plenty of magic tricks that will amaze anyone and everyone. If you want your kid to discover the joys of magic or even surprise a friend who wants to expand his knowledge, look no further. Magic Hut has an amazing variety of magic sets for all ages and skill levels at unbelievable prices.

Give the gift of magic these holidays. Aside from the fun factor, it has been shown that magic develops hand eye coordination, encourages public speaking and boosts confidence among peers. Magic gifts are not only amusing; they’re also educational and enriching.

At Magic Hut you will find mind bending spoons, magic balls, vanishing wands, and double back decks of cards, to name just a few, but the most interesting products we found were three magic sets that bring so much joy that it certainly looks like the ideal gift for these holidays. The Top Hat magic show set is an astounding collection of magic tricks designed for all of those youngsters out there, ages 5 and up, who want to dive in into the amazing world of magic. It comes with tons of tricks to play with; it even brings a special top hat with a secret compartment that will fool anyone!

Then you have the Gold Collection magic set and the Platinum Collection magic set. These are the perfect kits for the family to get together and create a magic show from scratch. Designed for ages 8 and up, it is also a great way to start your magic career. Apart from a plethora of tricks, it also brings an instructional DVD where a real life magician teaches you to do magic tricks with everyday objects. It’s kind of like peeking behind the curtain. The tricks are of excellent quality and to top it off, the instructions come in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

We went ahead and contacted Magic Hut’s owner, Alan Chamo, to tell us a bit about his best sellers. The Magic Set collections, as we thought, are at the top of the list. But he also recommended single tricks for people who want to begin their magic career slowly but surely. The Magic Cartoon deck, the Invisible deck, and Scotch & Soda are outstanding. He also suggests the ‘Amazing easy to learn magic tricks with a thumb tip’ and ‘Amazing easy to learn magic tricks with Cups & Balls’. If you are looking for a Magic Toy Alan check out the "Fantasma Web Runner spider"; It is not a trick but this remote control spider amazingly crawls on ceilings and walls!

Magic Hut has an amazing selection of the best magic tricks out there. You can buy with confidence knowing that not only you will find the best gifts for these holidays but of superior quality and at great prices. Tis the season to be jolly!