Monday, April 25, 2005

What can you find at a Magic Hut Store?

Imagine a magic store where you can find the trick you are looking for, where there’s always someone ready to help you, not just a sales person but a magician too. Imagine a magic store full of coin tricks, cards, illusions, mentalism, books, DVDs and many, many more! Now imagine this store inside the four most important shopping malls in Florida. Right next to your favorite brands! That’s where a Magic Hut is located. Take a look at our amazing stores…

Can you believe all that magic can fit inside a mall booth? …It actually does!

So next time you come to Sun Shine state ( or if you live there ), don’t for get to visit us at any of our four Florida locations at Aventura Mall, Bayside Market place, Dolphin Mall and Saw Grass Mills Mall.

To find out where the nearest Magic Hut store is Click Here