Monday, May 16, 2005

Magic Hut sponsors a trumpet player.

A few days ago, one of our magic fans contacted us with a special request. His name is Mike Smiy. Here you can read his e-mail.

I am in the high school band program, and we are going to Europe. We have to earn our own money, so I'm performing magic shows to make money. I need some money to buy tricks, and I would be greatly appreciative if you sponsored me, by giving me a credit for a certain amount of tricks for your site. Thank you


I thought to my self it is a nice way to earn your money for the Europe trip. I asked him for more information about him. Here goes his answer (I cover his phone and address for privacy):

Hi, My name is Michael Smiy and I live in St. Joseph Michigan. I live at xxx6
XXX Park. My phone number is XX8-8000. I attend St. Joseph high school. Or at least I will be next year. I have been doing magic for a year now, and it is my favorite pastime. I play the trumpet and am currently 1st chair. I have a dog, and 3 siblings. My favorite food is polish sausage, and I like to jog. That should be enough info.

Thank you


After some research and a few words with mike father I decided to sponsor him and to give him the support that he needs for his mission.

I chose some "cool effects" that I knew that will be great for a beginning magician and this is what we sent to Mike:

• Floating Match
• Sponge balls
• Sponge Ball DVD
• 25 Amazing Magic Tricks with Linking Rings DVD
• Chinese Linking Rings 4”
• 25 Tricks with a Scotch & Soda dime & penny video

Now Mike has a lot of work, he has to practice the magic, create a show and find a some places to perform. He needs to make $2800.00 in one year (he is 11 years old!) to be able to make his Europe trip.
If you have some ideas for Mike as how to book shows he will appreciate it very much, and I’m sure there are many magic lovers out there that are in the same boat and could use some help. (Write your comment on the bottom)

We will continue following Mikes progress and he will be writing his experiences on this blog. So dont forget to check it out…
Magic Hut Inc.

Monday, May 02, 2005

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